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CBD Products Reduce Stress, Increase Sleep for Moms

After reading an article High Times Magazine did on mediated mothers, we felt the need to share this information with our subscribers. Two out of the three Ganja Girlz are mothers who also work full time, so clearly they know a thing or two about sleepless nights and stress. Please take some time to read some snippets from this article.

Since day one of our company being established, our goal was to help end the stigma on medicated mothers. With more research and advocacy done in the MMJ Community, we have faith that we will live to see the day when going out to smoke a doobie with your friend, is just as common and normal as going out with your friends for happy hour.

Studies have shown that Moms have a tough time getting sleep, with less than half getting seven hours of sleep per night. They also report the average Mom feels tired 14 days out of every month. Moms interviewed by High Times Magazine say that CBD products tend to help them relax and live more in the moment. Many of the cinnamon friendly products come from companies led by female CEOs. #bossladygoals. However, some Moms said they must keep marijuana use secret, especially those also holding down a full-time job. They fear losing their jobs if their use of cannabis is discovered.

What are some of your thoughts on this information? Comment below. If any of you are moms- do you hide it from your kids?

We look forward to reading your response soon!

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